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Tech Tour Medtech Summit 2012 Event Video below:

Eric Le Royer, President, Medtech Summit 2012 Video below:
Why did you choose the Bridge to Asia Theme?

Jean-Luc Butel, Baxter International, VP, Video below:
What type of products will be adaptable and thrive on the Asian market?

Thom Rasche, Earlybird, Partner Video below:
Can you tell us about the selection process?

Yuwen Liu, BioBay Video below:
Can you describe BioBay and your partnership plans with European Companies?

Raphael Conz, State of Vaud Video below:
Why did State of Vaud choose to sponsor the Medtech Summit 2012?

Entrepreneurs on Value of Being Selected Videos below:

David Cassak, Elsevier Business Intelligence Video below:
What unique characteristics of the Medtech Summit brought you to endorse it?

Ching Zhu, Frontline Bioventures Video below:
In what direction is the industry in Asia moving? Where do you see the focus of investment going in the next few years?

Elderd Land, GIMV Video below:
Why did GIMV decide to sponsor the Summit & what visibility does it bring?

Jeff Jump, Biosensors Video below:
What do you see as the upcoming advancements in the cardiovascular arena?

Entrepreneurs on Tangible Results Videos below:

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