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Award Winners

David Brown
BroadBit Batteries - Helsinki [FI]
Breakthrough sodium based battery innovations replacing and surpassing current lithium based batteries in terms of cost, energy, power, longevity and environmental friendliness.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Markus Forstmeier
Electrochaea GmbH - Planegg [DE]
Electrochaea’s proprietary power-to-gas process converts CO2 and excess electricity into biomethane for injection into the gas grid, thus enabling utility-scale energy storage.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Jasper Winkes
Fistuca BV - Delft [NL]
Fistuca BV is developing a novel offshore foundation technology to hammer foundations offshore in a quiet, fast and gentle manner, thereby reducing the cost of offshore (wind turbine) foundations.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Michael Murray
NVP Energy - Galway [IE]
NVP Energy's LT-AD technology treats low strength wastewater at temperatures as low as 4 degrees Celsius, requiring no heat input to the process, & simultaneously produces a biogas that is 100% reusable by the end user for electricity or heat production.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Amber Michel
Pingle Inc - Seattle [US]
Pingle is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that eliminates the busy work of managing credentials for the maritime industry
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Simon Jagers
Semiotic Labs BV - Amsterdam [NL]
Semiotic Labs offers a Smart Condition Monitoring Solution for AC Induction Electric Motors. It offers a warning for upcoming failure up to 12 months in advance, allowing clients to schedule maintenance before downtime occurs.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Graham Oakes
Upside Energy Ltd - Northwich [GB]
Upside is developing a cloud service that coordinates energy stored in tens of thousands of small batteries, enabling domestic and small business sites to deliver demand side flexibility to the grid.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment

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